Bride and Groom Personal Assistant Packages

“Lady in Waiting” package

No bride wants to be frazzled and worn out on their wedding day.  Overextending yourself because you refused to delegate work out or for whatever reason, or maybe your friends and family aren’t able to help as you need.  Or maybe your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a wedding planner, who might have taken everything off your plate. 

No matter the reason, we’ll step in and assist wherever you need, whether it’s to pick up invitations or send them out, help you map out the seating chart, help you create your centerpieces or just to be your personal assistant on your wedding day, we’re here to help.  With packages starting at $200 for a 4 hour block, and additional time can be added.  We’ll be happy to assist you with anything that is legal and within reason. An additional deposit is due with this package

“Person Friday” Package

Although you may not have a lot to do in the wedding preparation, you still need to ensure that you don’t forget anything or the wedding might be toast!   

So let us help!   We’ll assist with finding the right tux rental store, pick & drop off your tux, buying gifts for the bride & your groomsmen & anything else you may need…that is legal & within reason!   Packages start at $200 for a 4 hour block.  Additional time can be added.


                                     " Maid of Honor" Package

Choosing your “Maid of Honor” or bridesmaid can sometimes be difficult.  You’re afraid that your choice might ruin close relationships, due to rivalry, or your choices aren’t dependable, so you know you’ll have to do a lot of their work yourself or you may be faced with the reality, that your social circle is so small, that you really don’t have anyone as an option.

Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help.  We will be there and assist you with allof the duties, generally associated with the “Maid of Honor” or in whatever capacity you need us, such as helping you select your gown, planning your bachelorette party and/or hosting the bridal shower, making sure the rest of the bridal party gets their dresses, giving the bridal toast etc. Or you might need us to be your sounding board or voice of reason.  Whatever is needed, our sole purpose is to make things less stressful for you!

                                                "Best Man" Package



Full Wedding Planning Package

With our Full Wedding Package, we hold your hand through each and every detail — you simply show up and enjoy. Service begins right away and we we secure your date up to 18 months out. Creative wedding ideas, design advice and color palette inspiration are all included in our Full Wedding Planning Package.

We update and maintain your wedding planning timeline, budget, and even send you payment reminders. Along with hand-picked wedding vendor recommendations, we attend each vendor meeting with you and help make each detailed decision throughout the wedding planning process. Wedding Day Coordination included.

Wedding Day Coordination

A Wedding Day Coordinator is a necessity so that everyone––but most importantly you––can relax and enjoy the most precious moments you’ve been working toward. Also known as Month-Of Coordination, this service begins 6 weeks prior to your wedding date and is available to secure your date 4 months in advance. At the 4-month mark (or as soon as you book), we can give you vendor recommendations for anything you’ve not secured yet. With our check list in-hand, you’ll be ready to complete your final tasks. We’ll re-group for a Detail Planning Meeting, where we put together your wedding timeline, ceremony logistics and more. In the final month, we fully take over vendor communication and tie up all loose ends. We then conduct your rehearsal and wedding day from start to finish, Emergency Kit in hand

Design Package

With our Partial Wedding Planning Package, we act as your support system. Service begins right away and we secure your date up to 18 months out. You’ll be given a detailed wedding planning timeline and budget spreadsheet. We hold you accountable for tasks and help you set the overall budget. Using our spreadsheets, you can monitor your payments and progress.

We will hand-pick all vendor recommendations, based on your unique wedding style and budget, and help set meetings, review contracts and get them booked. We also happily answer any and all etiquette questions throughout it all.

Wedding Day Coordination included.

                                                                                                                   Destination Weddings

If you’re planning a destination wedding, we can help, whether you have us plan in part or in full.  From start to finish, we’ll be there in any capacity that you need.  Since we are also a travel agency, we already work hand in hand with resorts to make our client’s stay memorable & that’s we’ll continue to strive for when booking and coordinating your hotel stay.  We’ll assist you here at home and work with the onsite coordinator to make sure all the details for your big day are worked out before you arrive.  In addition, our staff can travel with you to be there to assist in ensuring that you have the support you need to make your day as stress free as possible.


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