Who needs a concierge service?  It's likely that you do!  

We are the answer to “how am I going to get this done?” for people with a busy lifestyle, or for someone who’s so bogged down with work or their career, that they can’t run their personal life.  Or someone who is a part time resident and needs assistance to look after their home, while away.

We are the answer in how you’ll get things done, because we’ll do what you can’t: We’ll plan the party, we’ll pay the bills, we’ll run the errands, we’ll buy the groceries, we’ll take your car for the oil change.  We’ll do the things that you don’t have time for, so that you can do things that are more important, with your valuable time.


Dioduet Travel Concierge Offerings

Travel &Out of Town Services

Travel encompasses more than booking transportation and accommodation.  We are here to design an entire itinerary or provide the missing pieces in an itinerary that you may have done yourself.  These are some of the additional services that we offer, domestically and internationally:


Car service

Theater tickets

Event Tickets

Worldwide Concert Tickets

Worldwide Sporting Event Tickets

Dinner Reservations


Tour Guides

VIP Services

Table Service

Tickets to New York, Milan & London Fashion Weeks

Award show tickets

Yacht, Private jet and helicopter services (worldwide)

Travel insurance

Destination wedding planning

Golf packages

Incentive travel

Sports vacations

Corporate retreats

Relocation assistance

Reunion planning (family, class…)

Couture shopping

Travel Companion

Who Needs a Travel Companion?

  • Seniors needing travel assistance with airport navigation, security and luggage
  • Kids 5 years and older -visiting parents, grandparents or going to camp
  • Parents who need assistance when flying with children or elder parents
  • Anyone with travel anxiety
  • Those with disabilities that make flying difficult*
  • Those who simply are afraid to travel alone
  • A group that may be afraid to vacation on their own

You may only need someone to travel with your loved one from point A to point B.  Or you may need a trusted companion to vacation with them.  We will provide the companionship that they need.  We’ll make the arrangements, either pick up from their home or meet at the departure airport. 

Then we’ll assist with everything from that point, check in, security an navigation of the airport.  We’ll be in constant contact and be right by their side until they’ve reached their destination or are met by a designated friend or family member.

*Some restrictions apply.


                Other Services

Below are some of the following basic services that we can provide either directly or through local vendors, in which we will be the liaison (services may not be available in all areas.).  If it is not on the list, we will strive to fulfill any legitimate requests:

Scheduling appointments (e.g. doctors, spas, golf, household labor, etc.)

Research (e.g. replacement parts, contact information, tracking down items, etc.)

Personal Shopping

Referrals to vendors (e.g. caterers, pet care, home repair, interior design, fitness trainers, etc.)

Reminder service (e.g. anniversaries, birthdays, important appointments, etc.)

 Errand runs

Hospital companion

Entertainment (e.g. restaurants, theatre, sporting events, special events, tours, museums, etc.)

Research/organize party themes

Gift ideas/shop for guest gifts/favors

Deliver food/beverages

Invitation ideas/ design/ordering

Envelope printing/ stuffing

RSVP list management

Plan/manage event

Design/print/order menus

Deliver/manage/cook food/beverages

Special events (e.g. private cooking class, wine tasting, piano recital, etc.)

House sitting for appointments (cable, repairs etc)

Absentee home checks

Chauffeur services

Dry cleaning/ alterations


House cleaning

Car detail/service

Beverage/liquor shopping

Grocery shopping

Flower order/delivery

Pick up gifts/decorations

Gourmet meal delivery

Gift shopping/ wrapping

Event planning

Corporate event planning

Locate hard to find items

Unique gift ideas

Wedding planning

Real estate services

Relocation assistance

Air courier

Reunion planning (family, class…)

Couture shopping

Monthly Senior Check Package


We know that time has a habit of getting in the way.  It is important to your parents or elderly loved ones that they are able to live on their own, for as long as possible.  However, they may need to be looked upon regularly, to ensure their quality of life is kept to a standard. 

 Your concern is, that unfortunately, due to time or distance constraints, you’re not able to do so.  We have created a plan to give you that peace of mind.


Senior Check Package:

One 30 minute visit each week and 2 hours of personal services each month, for $195

Can be customized to individual needs.

General welfare check

Evaluation of needs

Email status report to family member

Errand services

Stock refrigerator

Additional time at $45per hour


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