Did you know that travel makes a great bed partner?

Did you know that for many types of businesses, travel can boost their bottom line?   I work with both for profit and non-profit businesses and show them how to implement travel into their business as another revenue stream.  I also coach businesses on how to set things up, so that travel can continue to bolster their business, even after the trip has commenced. 

The benefits of adding travel to your business are multi fold:

  • It creates and strengthens customer loyalty
  • Helps with customer retention
  • Adds to your customer base
  • Sets you apart from your competition 
  • Adds to your bottom line.


Contact me now to schedule a free consultation, whether you just want to setup some type of travel for your clientele or you’d like to see if you’d benefit from my coaching services.  


I'm a yoga teacher and I met Paula when she suggested we worked together and organize a yoga-travel tour. We had 4 or 5 business meetings before we finalized things and I can now say Paula is really delightful to work with!! I've had a super positive experience - she's reliable, effective, resourceful and cooperative. And on top of that, she brings positive energy into work. Highly recommend!

Ida Blazek, Yoga Teacher


I have worked with Paula for numerous years, predominately to establish my business adventures. Often she is my go-to person if I have a business question or need to brainstorm. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will quickly find it. She has always has a knack for getting a business up and running and I can always count on her to help me clear my head and point me in the right direction. I am excited that she is finally using her knowledge to help ease the confusion that business owners experience when first starting their business. Travel has become an intricate part of many businesses today. Paula has figured out how to integrate travel into diverse business models, while generating an additional revenue stream. She is very knowledgeable, detailed and genuinely concerned about helping your business thrive.

Dr. Cassie Lockhart, Caslyn Essentials